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  • For every Home Loan closed with one of our Home Loan Guides, we will donate $250 to the local charity of our customer’s choice… 

    Each of our Home Loan Guides supports a particular aspect of our community that has special meaning to them. 

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Golden Lab Pup

With five boys who have gone through Scottsdale Unified School District, Joe is huge fan and passionate supporter of our public schools, the students they serve, and the stronger communities they make!

With a life made rich by the animals that share it, Christina is passionate about the safety and welfare of the vulnerable dogs and cats of our community. After all, our community’s greatness is measured by how we treat our most vulnerable members!

After a lifetime’s worth of hiking and exploring Arizona, Robert is a passionate outdoorsman who believes in working to preserve Arizona’s uniquely beautiful  environment and the trail systems that carry people through it.